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Sister Street Fighter Arrow Bluray Crop
“Following the monumental success of The Street Fighter, the Toei Company (a Japanese film, television, and distribution corporation) decided to move forward in a shockingly progressive way by erecting a new karate series centered around a female lead … creating a new type of character: a resilient fighter who was ferocious, valiant, and affable.”
Alita: Battle Angle movie poster
“Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron usher in a new sci-fi epic with Alita: Battle Angel. Expertly crafted. Superbly paced. Visuals so good, the audience is emerged into the environment immediately. Hopefully fans can put their love for Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. aside and make room for a new franchise that truly embodies the genre.”

“Fans of horror need no introduction to this one.  Fans of Takashi Mike need no introduction to this one.  But for those of you in the dark…”

Dolcezza Extrema Cover

“In a galaxy 30 million parsecs from our solar system, no star is similar to the sun…”

Deadsite Poster

“Deadsight is a film you’ve seen before. Best part is, you don’t care. It has expert pacing. It thrills when it needs to. It’s approach is unapologetic. Pop the popcorn and enjoy.”

“Writer/Director Timo Tjahjanto scores again with his part possession, part haunted house, part family drama (to the highest degree). It’s like The Exorcist with a pitch of Frailty and a splatter of The Evil Dead.”

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